Chinese Medicine Diagnosis
Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis

Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis

Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis

What is tongue diagnosis?
Tongue diagnosis is a fundamental Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic method. Looking at the tongue can give practitioners a picture of the body’s current condition.

What is pulse diagnosis?
Pulse diagnosis is one of the unique diagnostic methods of Traditional Chinese Medicinal. Pulse diagnosis is not simply taking the heart rate in terms of beats per minute. Pulse diagnosis is differentiating the 28 subtle variations of pulse depth, pulse width, pulse strength, pulse quality, pulse speed, and pulse rhythm.

The questions you may have:

  • What do practitioners look for during a tongue diagnosis?
  • What do the different signs mean?
  • Which pulse is used in diagnosis?
  • What can the practitioner learn from the pulse?
  • What do the various signs in the pulse signify?


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